‘Glitched out’: Internet erupts as Trump ‘blacks out for a beautiful 2 minutes’ at event

Donald Trump on Saturday made major waves on social media after he stopped talking during his rally speech, and stayed silent for a significant period of time before speaking again.

Trump over the weekend gave a speech for the National Rifle Association in Texas, and was criticized for appearing to mess up his words as well as some key facts.

It was at the end of the speech, though, that something strange appeared to happen that made Trump completely stop speaking.

It occurred when Trump was complimenting Texas.

“You have a great governor, you have a great lieutenant governor. You have incredible congress people you have just fantastic people,” he said. “The Texas spirit of proud independence was forged by cowboys and cattle hands, ranchers and rangers, oil workers, soldiers and brave, brave, brave, pioneers. Many came here with nothing but the boots or their feet, the clothes on their back, and a gun…”

Trump then repeated a common firearm hobbyist phrase, “Come and take it.”

“Come and take it,” he said. “Together they helped make America into the single greatest nation in the history of the world.”

At that point, the former president remained silent for an extended period of time as music played in the background.

“But now we are a nation in decline.,” he finally says. “We are a failing nation. We are a nation that has the highest inflation in 58 years. Our banks are collapsing, and interest rates are skyrocketing.”

A “Biden’s wins” account shared the video online, saying, “Donald Trump just glitched out and froze at his rally tonight. He is clearly unfit for office.”

“Oh my freaking word!!!! Trump totally blacks out for a beautiful 2 minutes. It’s so bizarre set to weird cult music. You have no idea. He’s losing it! He’s at the NRA convention saying he will roll back every gun safety Law [President Joe Biden] put in place.”

Another user, @Leslieannscott, said, “He’s shaking his head in disgust as his teleprompter went down.”

Doha Madani

Doha Madani is a senior breaking news reporter for NKY News.

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